"The very first thing people comment on our new home is the floors. We are so happy with them and it makes us feel good when others love them as much as we do!"

"Your flooring is unique and truly special in the market- and believe me I looked at most of it. I didn't find another vendor that offered a comparable product. As for your service, once again I have to gush. As I said, I dealt with MANY vendors and my experience with you was by far one of, if not the best. Your staff was terrific. Attentive, patient, proactive and nice regular people. I would purchase floors from you again in a second and am already recommending you to all contractors and friends."

"My husband was a bit hesitant about installing pine flooring in our new home because of it being a softer wood. However, I convinced him that they would be beautiful. Well, he could not be happier. The beauty and character of your pine flooring has given us so far two years of pleasure and many compliments, and I am sure this is only the beginning. Like fine wine, they will only get better with age. Your company cannot be beat from ordering to the final product."

"The floor is absolutely beautiful. Each plank has its own personality and character, creating a very warm and unique look."

"We are absolutely thrilled with our new Maple floor. We went with your recommendation of the short boards and couldn't be happier. They have so much character! Your professionalism shows through from our first visit to your beautiful store right through ordering and installation. Thanks for the wonderful job!"

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